Chloe and Tom's Wedding - It was not only a wonderful but a very sexy marriage...

Photographs :
The Great Barn in Exeter is one of my favourite venues.
So, I was extremely excited for this wedding.  
Chloe knew what she wanted but
I did not understand her idea at first, 
A then it happened,

I just remember the value that Dahlia taught me and it did happen 
it did happen big time - it was an epiphany.

Elizabeth, Chloe’s mum, has helped me to be less modest and still be humble. There is majesty in humility & humility is grand.

Chloe and Tom are some of the most strongest & laid back people I have ever met. A fantastic combination. You don’t stop laughing around them, some people are blessed like that.

I have worked for 48 hours without sleeping for this wedding. I didn't feel tired for one second i enjoyed every moment of it!  

Below are some of the beautiful pictures of the day:









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